Mirror Using your mirrors when riding along a motorway has several purpose, safety being the main one, of course; we need to be on the lookout for what behind us. The other strong reason is general observation. With good use of your mirrors, your overall awareness of the world as you ride through it should increase.

Below are Techniques to practice how to use your mirrors :

1. Looking in your mirrors shouldn’t be a definite action you force yourself todo, say, every two minutes and 26 seconds. There are no fixed rules. It’s more fluid than that, so make the knowledge you have about what’s behind you more of a constant by having a quick check more often.

2. Ideally, you will know enough to spot when something significantly different appears. The point is, you need to be informed and able to speed up or slow down accordingly.

3. One common reason for not looking in the mirrors enough is being too concerned about your speed and looking a head at what’s in front of you. You shouldn’t be anxious to any degree. If you are, then slow down and give your brain chance to relax, catch up and literally take in more information.

4. Don’t look in your mirrors in a staccato fashion. Glance often but long enough to take in what is going on behind you, rather than darting a quick look and not actually seing anything more than your own elbow.

5. If you can’t see enough what’s behind you, try to drop your left elbow and particulary on motorways, ride on side of the lane,which helps you to see past your own arm for a better view of the road behind.

6. Having a good sense of what’s going on behind, can help you smooth your riding out. You shouldn’t need to suddenly get out the way something, no matter where it’s coming at you from, you should have seen it coming.

Have a nice riding and be carefull.



Source : Superbike Magazine